The Benefits

Counselling has so many benefits, it’s hard to put them all in a couple of short paragraphs.

Sometimes, we simply need someone to talk to in confidence, without judgement or bias. No matter how caring and supportive our family and friends, in most cases they have an opinion or some investment in us or what’s happening.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk through what’s going on for you, in a safe place with someone who is just focused on you and helping you understand your experience and explore possibilities and options for moving forward. Talking through things with a counsellor will help you gain clarity and find direction.

There are also times when it’s not about finding options, it’s just about sharing a troubling or painful experience with a person who will understand and support you as you process and make sense of your experience.

Counselling can also help when you want to understand yourself better, why you are acting or responding in the way that you are, or when you find yourself troubled by something that you can’t make sense of.

Whatever your concern, counselling provides an opportunity for you to be heard, seen, understood and supported. When we are able to be fully seen and heard in this way by a compassionate other, we are able to understand and accept ourselves. When we understand and accept ourselves, we are able to grow.