Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Lindy Chaleyer is a DBT informed Therapist.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is used to treat mood disorders and support clients who wish to change unhelpful patterns of behaviour such as self-harm, suicidal ideation and substance abuse.

For so many people emotional dysregulation can create consequences that impact their quality of life adversely. Embracing DBT with Lindy’s support may well result in changes resulting in a life well worth living and more. It is a therapy that requires tenacity and a desire for change.

“I have found Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to be a great way to work with clients who want to bring about lasting change. I work together with my clients to develop skills that are designed to manage everyday stressors, to work on acceptance and change, and help to rebuild and maintain difficult interpersonal relationships. The skills include interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, mindfulness and distress tolerance. Whilst it does call for a strong commitment and a desire for change within each client, they have my genuine support and encouragement every step of the way. As a result I have had the pleasure of seeing many clients achieve significant change and create the lives they wish to live.”

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Anna is a transpersonal counsellor and art therapist working in Alcohol and Drugs counselling for many years with both adults and youth. Her educational path has always been dictated by my client’s needs.

Anna has found that loss and grief can be a barrier to recovery and that’s why she also works with grief and loss. Many clients experience distress and emotional dysregulation. As a DBT-informed therapist Anna teaches a skill -set to help her clients challenge these negative emotions Anna’s brief is to help people to learn skills to live a better life without substances so they can achieve a peaceful mind.



Lindy offers Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
in Brighton.

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Anna offers Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
around inner Melbourne suburbs.

Call Anna on 0403 174 390 for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to see whether DBT Counselling is for you.