Supervision with Cheryl

Cheryl is a registered Supervisor with the Psychothrapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), and the Association of Clinical Supervision Australia (ACSA). Her approach to supervision is to provide a safe and supportive space where counsellors can explore their work with clients and their own personal and professional development.

Cheryl provides feedback and guidance on client work as well as supporting the counsellor in their professional and personal growth. She enjoys facilitating reflective practice and providing opportunities for counsellors to reflect on their experience of working with clients, drawing out the learning that can be gained from this reflective stance.

“I see my role as Supervisor as one of holding the counsellor so they can hold their client. Sometimes Counsellors just need to spend the session focusing on themselves and their own process or responses to clients, other times we talk about specific clients and discuss the most effective approach. Really, it’s about me being totally present for the Therapist, and doing my best to meet their particular needs at that time.”

Professional Supervision is a critical support for those people working in the areas of Human Services, Welfare and Counselling. Having worked in the field for nearly thirty years, both Lindy and Cheryl have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Supervision Groups

Lindy and Cheryl both offer Online Supervision Groups at regular intervals.  Daytime and evening groups are available.

 Cheryl also offers ‘Pause and Reflect’ groups bi-monthly.  These are small groups providing therapists with an opportunity to connect and engage in reflective activities designed to nourish and support both individual and personal development.

 Please contact Cheryl or Lindy for details of dates, times and costs.

Supervision with Lindy

Lindy is a registered Supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and Psychothrapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). She is committed to supporting counsellors in their professional growth and development through supervision.

Having had experience across a range of services in the Mental Health sector, Lindy understands the many challenges faced by Mental Health professionals and the often complex cases with which they work. Drawing on her own experience in the field, she is able to facilitate discussions that explore options and possibilities, holding both the client/s and the counsellor’s wellbeing in mind.

“I really enjoy my supervision work, getting to know counsellors, their backgrounds and the work they are doing. I like to have discussions where we explore what’s happening for the client and also what’s happening in the sessions. I’m interested in helping the counsellor expand their understanding of the client and explore the most suitable responses and interventions. Working in the mental health sector has many rewards and many challenges and I’m pleased to be able to share my knowledge and experience to support other professionals.”



Lindy offers Counselling Supervision in Brighton and Online.

Call Lindy on 0438 013 414 for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to see whether Counselling Supervision is for you.



Cheryl offers Counselling Supervision in Melbourne, Albert Park and Online.

Call Cheryl on 0421 281 050 for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to see whether Counselling Supervision is for you.