Children’s Counselling

As a mother of three and a grandmother of four, Cheryl has a particular interest in children’s development and wellbeing. Using an Expressive Therapies approach, she provides a safe and comfortable space where children can express emotion and process experience, using a range of creative activities including Sandplay Therapy, Storytelling, Art, Writing, Music and Movement.

Cheryl also understands the pressures and stressors of daily life and knows that, despite our best efforts to protect and support our children, there are times when they will be affected emotionally or psychologically by experiences within or external to the family.

Ability to connect with children

As a Family Therapist, Cheryl is able to work in a family sensitive way, fostering communication and connection between the child and their parents or caregivers, keeping the whole family unit in mind, whilst allowing the child a safe place for free expression.

“I think my effectiveness with children comes from my ability to connect with them at their level. I have enjoyed being closely involved with my own grandchildren and they have kept me in touch with my own inner child and encouraged my sense of fun and curiosity.

Support the family unit and foster understanding

When a child comes to see me, I am keen to make them feel completely comfortable with me and the counselling space, so they can express, verbally or non verbally, whatever needs to be processed or expressed. At the same time, I am also mindful of the challenges faced by parents and caregivers and I understand that, for the most part, parents are doing the best they can in sometimes difficult circumstances. I haven’t forgotten my own parenting challenges and missteps!

Whilst providing a safe place for the child, I also want to work in a way that supports the family unit and fosters understanding, communication and support within the family. When a child is not living with their biological family, I like to work with the child’s support network, again to foster understanding, communication and support.”



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